After 20 years of firefighting in the Spokane, WA area, I finally retired to pursue other dreams. I started and developed M2D CAMO to truly disappear into any environment. I love to hunt for big game, waterfowl, predators, and anything else that is legal to pursue. I JUST LOVE TO HUNT PERIOD! I also love to fish, play hockey, and hang out with my two best friends, MY BOYS Braiden and Camden! M2D CAMO has given me the opportunity to travel all over hunting and fishing. I am looking forward to so many more great times with the team. We are just a bunch of guys and gals living our dreams and having a great time together. Look out because we are coming to a town and bar near you!

Cam first turkey and Dad copy Dad and Braidens Cougar 2010 Hoyt Copy Sparky Newfoundland Moose


Job: General Contractor
Fun: I love being in the outdoors with my wife and friends anytime I can.  Hunting, fishing, atvs, and road trips to the next adventure!
Marital Status: Married to Melissa Vance with two awesome boys Rolin and Everett.
Live: Colbert, WA
Motto: Work hard, play hard.  “Live the Dream”

alaska 079 Bens Auodad 2 Bens Elk 2 Ben's first goose

Travis R. Bullock bio #1TRAVIS BULLOCK

I was born and raised on a ranch located in Northern Utah.  Thanks to my father Richard I have been hunting since I was old enough to carry a gun.  I married my beautiful wife Chrissy in 1996 and we have four wonderful children.  In 2007 I started my outdoor business, Bullock Outdoors and began filming “FOLD EM” Hardcore Waterfowl Series.  A team was later formed of 26 top notch outdoorsmen from several different states who worked hard towards the vision and enjoyed the journey together.  The team would travel all over the Rockies, through the Midwest and Northern Plains as well as over our northern borders into Canada.

In 2008 I partnered with Sparky & M2D Camo and haven’t had to wear another piece of camo since!  We also worked with M2D Camo and assisted in producing the television show M2D Camo Waterfowl Madness.  During the team travels successfully harvesting waterfowl in M2D Camo gear I fell in love with the different beauty the Northern Plains had to offer along with the overwhelming hunting opportunities.

In 2009 my family and I relocated to SE North Dakota, where we live on a beautiful piece of ground in the James River valley.   I work for the State of North Dakota as the NDSH Security Director and really enjoy my work but I love my time off with my family!  I own and operate Bullock Outdoors and Nodak Design where we specialize in Identity Development and Marketing for all types of business.  As a family we work and play hard together enjoying the outdoors; hunting, running dogs and spending time together.  During the generous North Dakota hunting seasons, I juggle my time in the field chasing local and migrating waterfowl, upland game birds, Whitetail bucks and doing my part for Predator Control!

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Skuppin big buckRICHARD SKUPPIN

My passion has always revolved around the outdoors. I married my high school sweetheart, but only after I took her trucking through the marsh @ 4am. Just to make sure she could handle my passion, witch become our passion!

We have two beautiful children, Emily (12) & Hunter (10). They are just starting to see the passion of the outdoors for themselves.

In 2007 I was introduced to M2D Camo, by a hunting buddy. Since then I’ve only been hunting in the BEST camo PERIOD!!

It doesn’t matter what I’m hunting, you’ll always find/see me in my M2D Camo. I’ve been 8 yards from mountain goats without them knowing I was there, to having geese land right next to me in cut grain fields, M2D Camo is truly made 2 deceive!!

A huge thanks to the owner of M2D Camo Sparky Sparkes, for making this great camo, and also given me the opportunity to become a great friend & a member of the M2D Camo Dream Team.
IMG_20130923_112648 IMG_20131102_162001 IMG_20140215_134409 IMG_20140307_125103

A superindendent scaffolder from Pickardville, AB, Canada. Being raised on the tradition of hunting and fishing was a dream come true for my brothers and I. The highs of adrenaline and excitement, the peace and calm being surrounded by nature and even the exhaustion that comes with months of preparation for a few short weeks is worth it year after year.

Early on on our hunting career we began filming our hunts and we were able to look back at our footage. It was obvious to us how superior M2D Camo was even when compared to the leading brands on the market, especially when placed side by side and on camera. Our big animal success rates increased drastically as we became used to the high quality, quiet technology and level of camouflage of M2D merchandise and it was an easy choice for us to convert to be M2D exclusive.

The upcoming year promises to be the best of my hunting career with more travel, bigger game and new experiences. M2D is my choice.


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Cams first King  CAMDEN SPARKES





Cam fish Cam on attack Camdends first turkey Cams first kill

Braiden Cougar 2010 1  BRAIDEN SPARKES







2012-09-02_20-12-46_993 Braidens first buck and dad Braidens first salmon Braidens huge gobbler


Hello M2D Camo Fans, It is truly an honor to be part of the M2D Camo team. My first introduction to M2D was about 5 years ago through the “Livin the Dream” television show. I was very intrigued by the camo and with Sparky being a firefighter struck a cord with me. I was a firefighter with the Wichita,KS fire department for 31.5 years when I retired in 2012. The firefighter camaraderie is a very special one and for a lot of us the outdoors is a huge piece of that. Sparky & My first adventure together was a Missouri Turkey hunt which proved to be very uneventful, but we forged a bond during those 4 days that has become a close friendship. M2D camo is truly the most versatile camo line that exists. It is as suitable in the turkey woods as it is in the duck blind. All you have to do is give a try and you will know what I am talking about. My Dad first took me hunting when I was 10 years old and I was immediately hooked. As most Kansasns I cut my hunting teeth on Dove, Pheasant & Quail hunting. After I joined the fire dept. one of my Captains talked me into trying bowhunting. This was life changing. Eventually turkey hunting grew in Ks and this has now become my favorite hunt. Today I don’t do any upland bird hunting much but my mainstays are Turkey, Deer Waterfowl and Dove. I have been married for 30 yrs. To my beautiful wife Shelly and we have 2 grown children Nicole & Matthew. Since my retirement I started working in the outdoor retail business until I can get someone to pay me to hunt. Get in the woods and take someone new out and introduce them to this amazing adventure in M2D Camo.

DCIM100SPORT Tim Mercer and Sparky Kansas Duck Hunt Tim Mercer KS Buck 2011 Tims big gobbler


100_1018Darren Hamrey

I remember the moment I saw M2D. My partner and I were at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, we walked down an isle and there it was! The first thing out of my mouth was “now that camo will work!” I’ve used nothing but M2D Camo since that day. It truly in an innovative design, that is second to none. I started killing ducks when I was 9 years old. My first deer when I was 12, and so on and so forth. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than hunting and fishing. I grew up in a small town in Nevada. I love the outdoors and have the utmost respect for wildlife. It’s through outdoor activities like hunting and fishing that one can kinder the true American spirit

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